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PTME RELEASES ITS SECOND CD: Everybody Oughta Have One
by Lucky Thompson’s DNA and REMIX and MASTERED of ITS FIRST ONE: ALFIE by Alfie Pollitt and the All Stars
July 14, 2004
Philly Through My Ear Recording Label and Productions, Inc. (PTME) released its second CD, as the first one, in the jazz tradition of this great music venue, Philadelphia. Continued...

Review: Lucky Thompson: Everybody Oughta Have One The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1, 2004
Drummer Lucky Thompson is musical director of Natalie’s Lounge, at 40th and Market, site of a fabled jam session on Saturday evenings from 5p.m. to 8 p.m. This quintet set with Christian McBride’s father, Lee Smith, on bass, Umar Raheem on saxophone, Jeff Knoettner on piano, and Anthony “Tony” Smith on trumpet is a hard-driving affair that upholds the Natalie’s tradition while branching out at times in a smooth direction. Continued...

Famous Father’s Local Company Invests in Area Jazz Musicians The Philadelphia Tribune, July 20, 2004
While his world-famous son is traversing the planet promoting his hot new sci-fi action flick “I Robot,” Will Smith, Sr. is holding it down here at home. His burgeoning music company, Philly Through My Ear (PTME), established to provide opportunities for Philly jazz artists to record their compositions, is celebrating its second release, “Everybody Oughta Have One,” by Lucky Thompson’s DNA. Continued...

Will Smith Sr. Joins Forces with Local Jazzman Alfie Pollitt
Yanina Carter (Entertainment Editor) Philadelphia New Observer, May 14, 2003
Five years ago, Will Smith Sr., yes, father to Philly’s own Will Smith, rapper/actor, would never have imagined he would be producing music, hitting the radio stations to set up interviews for his artist or better yet, being interviewed himself. Well, he is! Continued...

Looking Back On A Life In Music Dick Saunders, Main Line Ticket, Main Line Times, June 2003
After a lifetime in music, Alfie Pollitt is having a breakthrough. At age 60, he’s made his first recording. “It’s like a new career, with the CD out and the feedback I’m getting,” says Pollitt, who was born and raised in Bryn Mawr. Continued...  ·  215.870.7725  ·  ·  © 2017 Philly Through My Ear